Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What is Kirtan?

Short answer? Call-and-response chanting, of course. Deep, meaningful, poetic answer?  Read on....

Kirtan is a celebration of life.  As many people walk the earth, as many animals, trees, and flowers, as many rocks, lakes, rivers, grains of sand, and stars in the sky- this is how many forms of the Divine are in existance.  It doesn't matter which forms we celebrate, because they are all perfectly complete in their Divinity.

When I'm with a person, and I look into their eyes, I see a sparkle, a shimmer, a spark of the Divine light that comes from the heart, and I remember that I'm seeing a reflection of God in another.  When I'm alone, in darkness and silence, and I close my eyes, I look inward to my heart and I feel the presence of the Divine.  I feel safe and joyful and loved, and I recognize that these feelings don't come from me, but from a bigger, Universal energy of which I am a small, but important part.  I feel the presence of God in my heart.

Some would have you believe that there is only one way to worship God- only one path to enlightenment or salvation.  But Kirtan is not a religion or a dogma- it is a celebration through sound of the many forms of the Divine.  It recognizes that we all vibrate together as manifestations of that Universal energy.  And as we chant the names of the Divine together, we raise our vibration and we return to that state of love, peace, and bliss, the state of freedom which is our true nature.

See you at kirtan,

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Love rocks!

Love (verb) rocks (pl. noun)

I do love rocks, they are intriguing and beautiful and solid.  Small enough to fit in my hand, they are tactile and somehow comforting.  They hold a subtle vibration, storing the warmth from the sun which transfers through my hand to my heart.  Big enough to sit or climb upon, rocks make me feel so grounded, so connected to the Earth.  I feel as if all of my molecules align with that energy and all is right in the world.  Are rocks alive?  They are made of the same basic building blocks as plants and people, carbon and hydrogen, minerals and salts, etc. and their atoms vibrate in the same way as ours do- who is to say that every single thing in existance does not contain the energy of life?

Love (noun) rocks (verb)

Love is such a powerful force.  It has the capacity to change a life in an instant.  It gives us purpose, happiness, and creates well-being in our minds and bodies.  In love, we feel that all is right in the world.  Out of love, our hearts can feel crushed, dejected, worthless.  Love is everywhere around us, within us, all of the time, whether we are attuned to it or not.  What is that energy that makes sub-atomic particles vibrate?  Could it be love?  Could it be that the Universe pulsates out of it's own delight to experience love in so many different forms?  We can tap into that pulsation, that love, that delight at any time.  We don't have to be dependent on anyone else to provide love for us, because it is always there, ever abundant, all-encompassing.  And that TOTALLY rocks.